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Sunday, 24 April 2016 00:06 AEST
 Joomla! version: 3.4.0

Hi Tim,

I'm not sure if I'm being a total bozo here, but how/where do I publish the registration options on the front end? I've created my custom user profile fields etc. I dont have the menu (or module) option to add a UEM login or reg page. Do I use the default Joomla reg?

A bit of background on what I'm after:

User will register, admin will manually upgrade them to user group that allows them to access a non public page. When their membership time is up, they will be automatically downgraded so they can no longer view the non-member pages.

Thanks for the help!
Sunday, 24 April 2016 08:04 AEST 15'
Hi Robyn,
What UE Man does is extend the core Joomla, in the same way that you can write custom user profile plugins to add additional fields to the core Joomla user forms, UE Man does this but without you having to do any coding. When you create a custom field, you can choose which form(s) you want it to appear on. There are actually four user forms in Joomla.
1. Registration form - this is the front end form a user sees when they create an account.
2. Profile form - once they have an account and the user views or edits their profile, this is what they see.
3. Users form - This is when an administrator edits the user in the back end (also know as User Manager)
4. Back end user profile form - This is when an administrator edits their own profile on the back end.

By default a new custom field will appear on all these forms, however you can turn that field off for any of these as needed.

So after that background, yes you should turn on the normal Joomla registration form, and your new custom fields will appear on that.

Regarding groups, UE Man allows you in the component options to set "Available Groups" and "Default group". Essentially if you wanted to you could allow the user to choose which group they want to be part of when they create their account. This group could be tied in with different access on your site using a custom user group and access level (Joomla core ACL). However, from what you are saying it sounds like you want to assign the groups manually by an administrator, and by all means you can do it that way too.

As far as removing someone from a group when their membership expires, this is not a current feature of UE Man, so at this point you'd need to do that manually, or use another extension such as Akeeba Subscriptions which already has this feature. This may be a feature we add in a future product.


Monday, 25 April 2016 07:14 AEST
Hey Tim,

Thanks so much for taking the time for such a detailed reply :) Explaining the four user forms got me on the right track, I also discovered that the K2 user profile was throwing a spanner in the works and making a disaster of my registration form.

Thanks again,
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