#81 – Conversion from JVitals Extendedreg

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Thursday, 29 September 2016 11:22 AEST
 I have been using JVitals Extended Reg, but have had nothing but problems with it, and it does not appear to have been updated for 2 years. I do not see any DEMO so I have a couple of questions.

1. I like to ask for both First / Last Name. In Extened Reg, I have the form setup to ask for both first and last name. Then using "custom sql' from in ExtendedReg, replace the value of the "Name" field in the joomla user database with the values in first & last name form fields. Is this possible with UE?

2. Does UE allow for multiple registration forms? For example: on the website I have a registration form provide them with a screen showing the terms, and one screen showing them the privacy rules which they have to agree too, then the final page is the registration information. When they go to update their information they are shown a second 'registration form' with just their user information. Can I do this in UE?

3. The personal option shows support for 1 site. Does that mean it can only be used on one site? Or that technical support is only provided for one site.

Thank You.
Thursday, 29 September 2016 23:22 AEST 10'
Hi Daniel,
Thank you for your interest in UE Man. I haven't personally used JVitals Extended Reg before.

1. Regarding separate field for first name and last name, as you are probably aware the core Joomla just has a single name field.
The way that UE Man works is it extends the core Joomla functionality, rather than overriding it or hacking core files. The custom fields allow you to add additional fields in the same way that you can add more fields by writing a user profile plugin. These fields appear in the lower section of the form, and there is no way to alter the other core fields at the top of the form such as name.
In future we may come up with a solution to separate name into two fields, but the current software does not have this functionality.

2. No UE Man does not allow for multi page registration forms.

3. The software is licensed under GNU GPL, and includes all source code, so there is nothing stopping you form installing on multiple websites. The one site is referring to technical support.



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