The latest version of UE MAN allows the administrators to set a username form. This feature will help in standardising how your users login to your website. Its beocming more and more common that users are unable to remember their usernames due to the lose rules around username policies.

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When it comes to site migration from an old Joomla site, wordpress or a custom application you need to be able to move all your users accross to Joomla. The best and simplest way you can do this is using the new bulk user import into joomla using UE MAN Extension.

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A very cool and awesome fature in the recent relase of UE MAN is the password policy around users. This allows you to do some amazing automation around the site security of your user accounts. Some of the key features in this release are: 

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After a nice weekend of brain storming and planning at Avoca Beach Holiday house the UE APPS team compiled a list of improvements to be developed based on your feedback over the past 3-6 months. 


One of the most common features requested was the ability to export the user database to an Excel or  CSV file. Tim Plummer has been busy coding away the feature. This i now done though a very simple once click export or download button within UE MAN. 

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A client has approached PBWeb Dev in Sydney, the business requirement were to email all their current registered Joomla users, however upon initial inspection they realised there were over 40,000 Registered Joomla users on their Database.

Almost 50% of the users that were registered were inactive or spam users. The process would have taken hours to clean up manually or even using the in built search and delete function within Joomla. Using the UE APPS and its in built automated spam cleaner they didn't have to worry about that.

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