Chapter 2. Configuration

Setting up expiry date for users

Components->User Enhancement Manager

Click the component options button at the top right

Set show expiry date to yes.

Save & close

Click on custom user profile fields

Press rebuild button in toolbar

You should now see the expiry date when you edit a user in user manager.

Note that you will not see the expiry date field on the front end user registration or front end user profile form.


For the user expiry feature to work, you must have enabled the "System - UE Man".

The "System - UE Man" should have been automatically installed and enabled when you installed User Enhancement Manager.

By default, the system plugin runs once per day (every 1440 minutes), however you can adjust to run more frequently if required.

When the plugin runs, it checks to see when user have past their expiry date since the last time it ran. If any have expired, the user is blocked.

If required, you can change the expiry date and unblock a user via Users->User Manager

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