Chapter 6. Public User Profiles

Configuration of public user profile

There is now a Public User Profile tab in the component options for UE Man

The enable public user profile allows you to disable the front end user profile, for those that don’t want to use this feature of UE Man.

When disabled, front end users will only see the following:

Access is the minimum access required by the user to see public user profiles. This defaults to registered users (anyone who is logged in), but you could set to public if you want everyone to see.

If user does not have appropriate permissions, they will see the following error:

You can view the user profile on the frontend of your site via index.php?option=com_ueman&view=profile&id=857 (where 857 is the id of the user who you wish to view the profile of).


Profile can also be accessed via User Profiles menu item (which we will talk about in the next section)

The name, username and email field are looked up from jos_users, and can be turned off via the show name, show username and show email respectively.

Regarding custom fields, each one now has a Show on public profile setting. If set to no (default), this field will not appear on the public profile. If set to yes, the field will appear, providing the user viewing has the appropriate access (if access other than public is set for this field).

You can make whatever custom fields you like appear on the user profile.

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