Chapter 11. Ability to allow users to choose their group(s)

About the ability to allow users to choose their groups feature

Version 1.5.0 of user enhancement manager introduces an optional new feature that allows a Joomla user to select their own group(s) from a limited set.

In UE Man options, turn on the feature “Allow group selection” by setting it to yes, and choose which groups you want available to the user.


Note that you should never select any of the groups that give back end access such as administrator or super user.

The default group is the one that is initially selected on the user registration form. Note that Public users can’t log into the Joomla front end, so it is recommended to set default to Registered

After adjusting these options, press the rebuild button.

Now a user can select one or more groups to be added to when they register on your Joomla site. If nothing is selected, it defaults the user to Registered.

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