User Import

The user import feature of UE Man allows you to import users to your Joomla site from a CSV file. When importing users, if that user already exists (identified by either user id or email address), then that existing user will be updated with the imported information. If the user does not already exist, a new user is created. You can set the default group for any new user created, and also notify them via email with their username and password. The software forces all new users to require a password reset on first logon.

In addition to importing data into com_users, the software also can import data into the user profiles table, so if you are using the core Joomla User Profile plugin, you can import fields such as address1, address2, city, region, postcode, country and phone. You can also import data into any UE Man field, including the standard fields expiryDate, biography, googlePlus, facebook, linkedin, twitter, website, phone, or any of your custom UE Man fields.

When importing users, the software will attempt to match the field names with the column names listed in the first row of your CSV file. You can change these mappings as required, or manually map them if your CSV column names don't match the fields you are importing into. All the available fields (incluing UE Man fields) are listed, but if you don't want to import data into that field just leave the drop down on PLEASE SELECT, and these fields will be ignored during the import.

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