Chapter 3. Custom User Profile Fields

Setting up custom user profile fields

The custom user profile fields allow you to add additional fields to the user registration form, user profile, back end user form in user manager, and the back end user profile form for administrators.

To add custom fields, click on the Custom User Profile Fields section.

Press the New button

Field Label: This is the text label that appears next to the field

Field Type: This is the type of field that is added to the form, such as text field or date with calendar popup.

Options: This is only used for the radio, checkbox and drop down field types. It allows you to enter the options used by this field. Options should be separated with commas, with no space. For example: dog,cat,bird

Mandatory: Mandatory fields force the user (or administrator) to complete this field before saving the form.

Front end registration form: Do you want this field to appear on the registration form filled out by new users on your site

Front end user profile form: This is the form seen by the user when they log in and view or edit their user profile.

Back end users form: This is the form that you see when you edit a user in com_users (also known as User Manager)

Back end user profile form: When a back end user of you site such as an administrator views or edits their profile, this is the form that they will see.

Status: This is custom field enabled or not. Only enabled fields will appear on the forms.

Once finished filling out the custom fields form, press save and close button in the toolbar.

Repeat as needed to add additional fields

You should now see these fields on the forms that you enabled them for. If you don't see the fields, try press the rebuild button in the toolbar of the custom user profile fields view. Also check to make sure you have enabled the field for the correct user forms.


For the custom user profile fields feature to work, you must have enabled the "User - UE Man".

The "User - UE Man" should have been automatically installed and enabled when you installed User Enhancement Manager.

There are no configuration options for this plugin, just make sure it's enabled.


Also note that this feature dynamically builds the user plugin, so it is expected that the files /plugins/user/ueman/ueman.php and /plugins/user/ueman/profiles/profile.xml will be modified when you use the User Enhancement Manager component.

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