Chapter 4. User Logs

Table of Contents

User Logs Feature

User Logs Feature


The user logs feature in UE Man tracks when a user logins into a website and when they log out of a website. At the moment this is all the log manager feature tracks to keep it as simple as possible. In the future, the log manager will also track changes and alterations to the website and which user had made those changes.

To get to the user logs area of UE Man, navigate to Components -> User Enhancement Manager. Browse to the icon, "User Logs" or click on the "User Logs" tab from the control panel of the extension.

  • UID: Relates to the Joomla system ID of the user

  • Name: Name of the user that is being logged

  • Username: The username of the user that is being tracked.

  • Email: Account email address of the user.

  • Site: Records whether the user is logging in to the website via the front end of the backend of the website.

  • Date and Time: Recorded time stamp of the user with the either log into the website or logs out of the website.

  • IP Address: Recorded IP address if trackable of the user being tracked. If you click on the IP address, it will show you the location of that user.

  • Action: The recorded action of the users.

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